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Onion and Bhringraj Conditioner

For skin lightening and whitening


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This facewash? helpsreduce skin pigmentation, blemishes, darkage spots, freckles, acne scars, melasma and lightens the skin tone. The product is a combination of ?ingredients that lighten the skin and enhance radiance without irritation. It significantly reduces the appearance of sun damage, brown spots, deep lines & wrinkles overtime. Powerful ingredients in this formula are scientifically shown to promote skin elasticity. The carefully crafted blend helps reduce the size and color intensity of dark spots due to prolonged and cumulative sun exposure and help even skin tone overtime. The appearance of dark spots and discoloration is visibly diminished overtime resulting in glowing and radiant skin. Skin complexion is more uniform. Thislightweight, fast absorbing treatment leaves skin fresh and radiant. It is best to use twice a day, morning and evening. Using a sunscreen during the day is beneficial to prevent any further damage.


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