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Nuhands Hand Sanitizer

Nuhands hand sanitizer is antibacterial, environment-friendly kill 99.99% germs. It is paraben and SFS free that keeps your hands soft and supple throughout. Use the toxin-free sanitizer anywhere and anytime.

Nuhands hand sanitizer is paraben free and SLS free which keeps your hand soft and supple and kills 99.99% germs.

This sanitizer does not make your hand rough and dry. The natural products help to keep them soft and smooth.

The 250ml. Nuhands hand sanitizer is ideal for those who adapted cleanliness and sanitization in their lifestyle. Use it anytime you want, anywhere you want. It is best to use before meals and is children friendly, as it is prepared with natural products and it is non toxic.

If you are conscious about personal hygiene and environment friendly product, nuhands hand sanitizer is best for you. It kills 99.99% germs and makes your hands soft and supple with a sweet fragrance.

Precautions when using this nuhands hand Sanitizer:

Store in a cool place
Avoid contact with eyes, cuts and wounds
Keep away from direct flames
It is made for external use only.
Keep the antibacterial nuhands hand sanitizer and feel safe and happy.


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